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The Abuja Inquirer The Abuja Inquirer
Africa Business News Africa Business News
The Guardian The Guardian
Nigeria World Nigeria World
The Nigerian Observer The Nigerian Observer
Nigerian Tribune Nigerian Tribune
The Punch The Punch
Thisday Thisday
Daily Champion Daily Champion

Nigerian magazines

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    TW Magazine

    Glamorous lifestyle magazine.

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    Focusing on fashion, style, beauty, showbiz news, entertainment, sports, health, property, transport, interviews, education, travel, and more.

  • Go to Bella Naija

    Bella Naija

    Featuring music, style, movie, fashion, TV, and beauty.

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    FourFourTwo Nigeria

    Covering news and information about Nigerian football clubs, fixtures, results, interviews, and competitions..

  • Go to Newswatch


    One of the most widely read Nigerian weekly news magazines. The magazine was founded in 1986. Published by Newswatch Communications Limited Newswatch focusing on special reports on Nigeria, world news, business, economy, politics, development, African culture, art, and more.

  • Go to Happenings

    Happenings Magazine

  • Supple Magazine

    Official magazine of the Eko International Film Festival. The magazine featuring motion picture, arts and sciences in Nigeria.

  • Kick-Off Nigeria

    Leading Soccer magazine in Nigeria. The magazine focusing on domestic Nigeria competitions.

  • Encomium Magazine

  • Nigerian Magazine

  • Source

  • Gist Us

  • Castles

  • ‎Thinkers Magazine