His Excellency Mohammed Gana Yisa

Ambassador Gana Yisa assumed official duties as Ambassador of Nigeria to Japan on November 15, 2017 after presenting his letters of credence to His Majesty, Emperor Akihito.
Before his appointment, Ambassador Gana Yisa was a member of the Nigerian parliament. At various times, he had held public offices ranging from Deputy Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly to Deputy Provost of the College of Engineering, Kwara State University. He is married with children.


Ambassador Gana Yisa’s mission is to further deepen the existing cordial relations between Nigeria and Japan and also sensitize Japanese businessmen about the vast and enormous market and business opportunities existing in Nigeria in the areas of oil and gas exploration, solid minerals mining, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. He is convinced that the long distance between Nigeria and Japan should not be an impediment to the maintenance and sustenance of a fruitful bilateral economic relations between the two countries.


Academic Qualifications

  1. Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering
  2. Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate
  3. M.Sc., Engineer, Agricultural Engineering
  4. Higher Schoool Polish Language Proficiency Certificate
  5. B.Sc. Engineering

Positions Held

  1. Deputy Provost, College of Engineering & Technology, Kwara State University
  2. Professor & Head of the Department of Food, Agriculture & Bioengineering, Kwara State University
  3. Elected Deputy Speaker of the Kwara State House Assembly
  4. Honourable Commissioner for Agriculture & Natural Resources, Kwara State
  5. Professor, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna


    Published 112 books and articles in both local and internal journals, as well as participated in the drafting of Technical Reports aimed at repositioning of the Nigerian Agricultural sector. Some of the publications include:

  1. M. G. YISA and H. TERAO (1995): Dynamics of Tractor-implement Combinations on Slopes (Part I), State of the Art Review, Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, Vol. 66, Pt. 2, 240-262
  2. M. G. YISA, H. TERAO and M. KUBOTA (1998a.): Dynamics of Tractor-implement Combinations on Slopes (Part III), Stability Regions and Optimum Design Parameters. Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, Vol. 68, Pt. 1, 1-16;
  3. M. G. YISA, H. TERAO, N. NOGUCHI and M. KUBOTA (1998c.): Stability Criteria for Tractor-implement Operation on Slopes. Journal of Terramechanics (Application to Terrain-Vehicle Systems). Pergamon. (35) 1. Pp 1-19
  4. M. G. YISA (2002): Ergonomics of Tractors Assembled in Nigeria. Biosystems Engineering 81(2) 169-177
  5. M. G. Yisa (2014): Soil Compaction Prediction, Variability and Implications for Precision Agriculture. Proceedings of the International Soil Tillage Research Organization (ISTRO), Nigeria Symposium. Akure 2014, November 3-6.Pp 15-23